Consulting Services:

Specializing in the following languages:
- Java
- JavaScript
- C
- C++
- Excel (Including Customized XLLs)
- Visual Basic

I can develop software for both Windows and Unix (and variants) systems.

My area of specialty is:
- client/server applications
- database development
- spreadsheets
- distributed computing   (internet/intranet)
- object oriented programming
- internet security
- PC computer systems and networks setup, repair and upgrade.

In addition to software development and consulting I also offer tutoring services for computer programming and hardware architecture.

I am an A+ certified computer technician and am able to setup, repair and upgrade PC computer systems and networks.
Project Estimates:
Please contact me to obtain an estimate on your current project.

I'm also able to repair most computer virus, hardware failure/upgrades and software error/misconfiguration problems.

Also, specializing in datamining computer files for important information.

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Commercial and Freeware Projects:
Here are some commercial and freeware software projects that I have completed for clients and for general retail. All are free to download. Commercial programs will work for a 30 day trial period. Freeware programs will work forever and are freely available and distributable. If you are interested in purchasing any of my commercial software titles refer to the registration and payment instructions in the enclosed documentation.

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